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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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term of our youth. i want to talk about supporting the eligible and documented states and for the student arrival program this defers action as a act of prosecutoral discussion. this year 9 hundred and some applicants and nearly have of those coming from california and nearly half in 70. and while this provides a great opportunity for young adults in san francisco and throughout the united states there are a lot of barriers financial and a $465
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application fee. so the youth commission following a model it was put forward by the los angeles unified school district they created a process to allow them to get resources to apply for our program. and working through the - with the san francisco unified school district the office of immigration affairs the ask the advisory couple who are our counter part of the we successfully starred a website and it's also on page 37 and 38 of the budgetary document we handed you. and this website saluted legal and other services to apply for the program that he this helpful with the history forms.
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so we want to thank the members of board for your wonderful support for the deferred actions and we hope the city b will continue to work with us as the youth commission to continue to support the adults and youths. and, of course, as you good along with this budget process in the next month or two we hope you think about undocumented youth and programs when your crossing our budgets for the next fiscal years and continue on into the future >> thank you very much. >> i want to thank conspires perry can he for the context
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issues and tremendous work though you live on the borrowed of the district i view you as the person over in district 1. >> hello, i'm christen i'll be presenting our item 11 to support the city college of san francisco. it's one of the largest colleges in the country. and many of our commissioners are currently talking about the excellently. we're in support of a stable city excellently. we passed a resolution supporting the excellently and we're thankfully for the board of supervisors for passing this
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resolution in april as well which called upon the administration to support us. now i want to introduce any colleague ray which he will would will be closings obvious our presentations >> thank you for your time and i want to acknowledge the people who are here (calling names) these commission has achieved quite
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>> have you ever discussed or have you ever discussed how to actually i guess serve residents of public housing children that live in public housing in san
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francisco and how these opportunities would be more connected to them? >> hi thank you supervisor that's a great question. i'm chair the lgb committee. we have several commissioners who have lived or lived in public housing. we're looking to create evaluation tools they mentioned for k housing. so i think we basic want to see the condition of living overall of units provided by the city and government would be under that >> thank you. i wanted to ask since the gentleman is here from
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juvenile hall. one the items mentioned what the recreation of the inmates that they were necessarily getting their mandate hour of recreation time at juvenile hall facility in san francisco. can you respond to that? >> thank you for the opportunity to speak. we're very, very dmoilt make sure that young people receive their large muscle activity. and including use of the courtyard facilities that's connected to each the individual housing units as well as the gymnasium facility and inclusive of the two outdoors yards that
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the gentleman referenced that are full court basketball facilities that allow folks to go out in the fresh air and sunlight. we continue to do the retrofitting to address some of the safety concerns we have thought space that's inclusive of the soccer field. but in terms of our responsibility to make sure that we're in compliance with title 15 that is absolutely the case as reaffirmed by the department of the corrections that re - >> so the capacity of recreational space neatest e
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meets the needs of inmate that you have housed there? >> that's correct. >> so do you have any i guess are there any concerns about one of the listed requirements from the youth commission regarding that particular issue? >> we would certainly love to expand the utilization of the outside raleigh area to be inclusive of the that is a we have some specific concerns about the safety of young people in that space. the geographic of what the facility is at the bottom of a hill where - autopsy i know exactly where your
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of the law cabin ranch.
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>> i don't have it but i can certainly share that with you it's been included many our commission. there are well over several you million dollars of capital need terms of our capital needs for our department but in addition to that specifically our log cabin facility that requires complete overhaul, it requires spitting investment in the storage tanks that need to be repaired as well the physical plant that treats of water. so we're going apparently in the process of making our building compliant and that is at least
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$3 million project it is needed now so that victims and witnesses and offenders and their parents have the ability to assess that facility freely without unnecessary burdened. we believe in the terms of expanding utilization would be the right thing to do but we have other priority needs. so i thank you. i appreciate your comments. i know that when we met and talked about juvenile hall and some of the things happening there i was actually pleased what is happening there. especially i worked with young people. i didn't want them to the in
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juvenile hall but being able to go to school and get their g e d and i thought that that was really neat. so kids are taking full vanilla. i want to make is clear from my prospective dead on arrival i don't want juvenile hall to be anything other than what it is in terms of a juvenile facility but the fact we have a captive audience i i want to be sure we're following the law and taking advantage of them there and i know that the boy's club is for changing live. i want to make sure we're changing lives and we're headed in the right direction.
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in terms of recreational facilities it's important that the capacity needs are met and i'm very comfortable with m that so i would be interested in seeing a full report. i don't think that everything what in the capita plan including log cabin ranch and some of the facilities i'd like to see the information to have a clear understanding and a understanding of the capacity >> i will certainly make sure you and your staff receive that document. >> thank you. i'll you wrap up by saying again what i'd like to see just in general as we move forward i mean again, i'm in awe that you are able to put
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together such a comprehensive report about details that are important not only to young people back up to a city as a whole. we need a voice from young folks not too a long time i was wondering who was speaking for me and i felt disconnected from the opportunities and had it not been for the mayors training that was my first job and i was exposed to adults who really supported me. in order to get money i was one of those kids that sneaked into a bus.
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i couldn't afford a $5 muni pass. it was really a challenging time back then we have to set boundary and competitions and law and order but at the same time, we can't assume that every child has parents or is learn what is right tling thing to do so. we can't assume that everyone should know better. and part of the job opportunities and looking after our young people is making sure we're allocating the appropriate resources. and now it's the trend to talk about hey transitional youth this is a population we've lost significant numbers through the
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18 to 24 years old but mostly african-american boys. when boys were 18 technically they were homeless and weren't sure what to do. and oftentimes that leads too active to prison and other things that are destructive. so i think when he look at how we side things no san francisco we need to make sure we're paying attention to those programs that mostly impact our young people and how we get them to the next level is important it took a lot of adults to get me to the point where now i'm a responsible adult. i'm fully supportive of young people. i want to thank you all for your
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development in this and looking forward to during budget seeing none, season so see how we're allocating the appropriate i level of fund. especially, especially to my priority of jobs for young people because their certainty young people who need money year round and it's the difference of doing something right and wrong. our african-american committee paid is that your understanding to the program because we wanted to get them to take care of themselves. so i want to make sure they're continuing opportunity. the second thing i want to make a priority of mine is the
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housing for transitional youth is to have a comfortable place to live in f that environment. i want to moor we're looking at the this population and we're building and providing housing opportunities we're priority ing and, of course, all the other things are important to me. i hope we can really make some changes specifically the booker t washington institution. if we could help you know that bev has been working to find
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locations to do this transitional housing as well. i want to focus on making sure wore putting the right dollars with the right projects and making - not just talking about those things but is making those things a reality through funding. so again thank you very much >> i was just going to comment not only the commissioners but the staff. it's great to see the fleet staffed program. and the commissioner worked on the transitional housing and it's important that the city needs to build more housing and the discretion that's out there and we need to track more data. and the chambers that the
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commissioner brought with the youth jobs and making sure that our city is doing much more than other urban centers. awe and commissioner i've seen his encourage in front of the the other committees and i'm happy that the lieutenant and others are here but i appreciate you stand up to the probation officers. i have great respect for that. but the whole youth commission i'm pleased with our leadership. thank you very much for the great presentation >> okay colleagues any other comments at this time? that you did you have any further
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comments. >> thank you. again for you're letting me be here today. >> we'll open this up for public comment. anyone? >> seeing none, public comment it closed. >> what's that? >> if you want to come back up. >> let's talk about a little bit about the yard issue i was in 2 years n security. however, those yards are only about 2 to 3 detainees in this yard. you would see how insignificant those yards are. also the gymnasium that's in there as well yes, sir. it's
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nice but it's only got a basketball court but some people like to play good job ball. keep in mind this this yard can allow for one hour of large activity yeah, the basketball courts are nice you got some individuals that point to play kick ball arresting and other sports. thank you guys for your time >> thank you very much. and thank you to all the city staff and the captain for being here. colleagues what can we take a motion to table this thing? >> do we have any other items.
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>> that concludes the jound. >> okay. we're >> ladies and gentlemen the chair is called the meeting to order. can you please turn off
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your electronic devices as it tends to interfere with the equipment in the room and can we all rise for the pledge of allegiance.. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag to the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> mr. president i will call roll. >> thank you. >> president mazzucco. >> present. >> vice president marshall. >> here. >> commissioner chan. >> present. >> commissioner kingsley. >> present. >> commissioner truman. >> here. >> commissioner loftus. >> here. >> we have a quorum and with us this evening we have the deputy chief and bethany from the occ. >> please call item one. >> item one consent calendar and
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request to accept $5,000 from ms. karen fireman to be used by the sfpd mounted unit. >> commissioners, you have in your packet a memo on the donation by karen fireman for our mounted unit. any questions or concerns? it's great. . >> is there any public comment? hearing none public comment is now -- do i have a motion. >> moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> please call line item two. >> item two is general public comment. the agenda is welcome to address the commission on items not on the agenda but within the purview of the commission and shall address the comments to the whole and not individual commissioners or personnel. during public
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comment neither police nor occ or commissioners do not need to give a reresponse and refrain from comments and discussion. please limit your comments to three minutes. >> jackie how are you? >> i am wind blown. i am going to place the wind under a citizen's arrest. i haven't been treated like that by the police and good evening commissioners and once again i am happy to see you meeting on a thursday. if it were up to me you would be meeting every wednesday if only for public comment. it's the only time that we have the opportunity to address the entire commission and have representatives from the chief's office and if not
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the cutest guy in the room is not here and the most powerful guy in the room and you don't have a hat. a couple of things i want to say i thoroughly enjoyed the asian heritage celebration this last thursday at the civic center and there was a strong and cute police presence. it kept everyone on their best behavior and it was absolutely wonderful. i am hoping the same is true with the gay parade festival held in the civic center. i haven't had an opportunity to thank chief suhr but i'm going to do it now and in 2012 there were no barricades around the music area so it was easier for people to dance and not feel as if they were pinned in and it was a suggestion i
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made in 2012 and we hope to see that happen again with 2013 and i see that the sergeant is in the room and tad i want to thank you the service you gave and despite management and the social services and i said at another time treated him badly and ask him to leave our so-called community meetings want i stopped attending those after they treated him so badly because we are in the city and county of san francisco. we have the right to be safe and that includes our police officers, so again my thanks to all of you for being on time and we have our quorum and i will look forward to seeing you i guess in june. >> thank you jackie. next
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speaker. >> good evening, commissioners, staff and members of the public and we have members of organizations here and supporters and friends. i am david [inaudible] and the executive director of the community leadership and josh kins is next to me and we i have statement that he is going to read. >> as san franciscans we have comfort and a sense of security knowing that we have a caring individual within the police department command staff, an individual that accepts our phone calls and responds to emails and comes out to the neighborhood to hear our concerns as well as making every possible effort to -- excuse me, expeditious lie address our concerns. we have such a friend. his name is john